Akdeniz Üniversitesi

News and Events

  • · The Symposium of Elmalili M. Hamdi Yazır- 02-04.11.2012, Antalya and Elmali
  • · Akdeniz Theology Faculty Seminars - 1 “Some Current Religious Issues” Speaker: Prof. Dr. Ahmet Yaman (Dean of Theology Faculty of Akdeniz Uni.). 11/12/2012.
  • · Akdeniz Theology Faculty Seminars - 2 “The Reflection to Quran Translation from  the Idiomatic Expressions in the Quran”            Speaker: Assistant Prof. Dr. Eyüp Yaka (The Department of Exegesis in the Theology Faculty of Akdeniz Uni.). 25.12.2012.
  • ·  Akdeniz Ilahiyat Research Awards were given to the winners.
  • · The Workshop of Religious Culture and Knowledge of Morality Teachers- 29-30.09.2012.
  • · Theology Faculty  First Turkish-Islamic Art Exhibition- 21-30.10.2011.

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